Monday, July 17, 2017

Eotechnic Sensorium

 Laura McCallum Tears

 Ezra Waltermaurer   Untitled

 Mark Andreas   Untitled

 Matthias Neumann   CL_01

 Michael Asbill   Contemplating Collapse: Tree Rings

 Ntilit   Jane

 Raphael Griswold   Mil-9 Wall

 Robert The   Forget about it

 Scott W. Schwartz    Coherenscopic Mensuration

 Tony Stanzione   Century House Skyscaper: Summer Office

 Ali Osborn   See Green

 Ana C.H. Silva   Lines in the woods

Claire DeVoogd    Scrutinium Device

 Harry Kunhardt and Meredith Nichols    (re)sounding space

 Jeff Benjamin    Free

 Josh Dorman    A While in Two Worlds

Kayla Gibbons   Cippus I (D and H Canal)