Saturday, August 1, 2015

Home Art (2001)

This was a little art show that I held in my studio apartment during a nasty eviction. I took the landlords to court with the help of Ron Resetarits and won. But the harassment had taken its toll and I decided to split anyway. This write up of the show, by friend and fellow artist Gordon Douglas, was on the web for quite some time in an online arts journal "Arts4All," but it has subsequently disappeared. I'm glad I made a printed copy, which I've scanned and included here.

The following artists were in this show:

Hope Amico
Mildred Beltre
Jeff Benjamin
Kit Brown
Christina Cherry
Scott Dolan
Josh Dorman
Gordon Douglas
Rebecca Felsenfeld
Giovanna Giammarino
Susan Graham
Jesse Hamerman
Laura Hammond
Dave Hatchett
Lily Hatchett
Meg Levine
Nina Lora
Katie Love
Elaine Oswald
Rina Peleg
Chris Russell
Madeleine Sinor
Caylin Spear
Tony Stanzione
Miriki Tani
Therese Tripoli
Ezra Waltermaurer
Jessica Wilner