Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some of the immediate effects of lost and open

So, this is where it all happens and thank god for borrowing money and where did you learn to be so careful with your own thoughts?

There is a space where others care about my thoughts, and I can care about theirs, with wild caring abandon. So, if I self-identify as a dolphin (which I do) then I can safely assume that there is someone  who understands, believes, and cares.

This is only to mention firsts and the intermediate encounters. The stone is what lifts and supports everything, and that was accomplished long ago, before we wereborn.

And the humor of regret! The wild abandon of laughter of regret of making any decision at all, really, rippling the surface of the water.

the experience of interaction in a zone of understanding

So it takes you twenty nine years to turn one page of one book, to place your hand on the door, to find the door, and then open it.

It takes me forty eight years to step across the threshold, to find the threshold, to locate the building, to live and work in the town.

to be born

And where do you place your words when you're in between?

Am I unknown to myself?

Or is the very act of thinking a kind of an intellectual triage? In the world-hospital of my brain, I have to decide what's most important. Some problems will never die! They will live forever in their problematic wondrousness. So I attend to them when I can, taking care of the thoughts that are more tender.