Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In keeping with the questions posed by Latham's "least event," I am now wondering: What is the quietest sound? Large scale projects with investments in massive infrastructure have been devoted to finding the smallest particle,  but maybe this the wrong question. Perhaps we should be listening for the quietest sound?

What is the quietest sound in the universe?

I have just sent off two articles to two journals. The first "Industrial Sonifact and the Soundscape of the Anthropocene" is for consideration as a part of a forum discussion in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. This is a direct result of Matt Edgeworth's session "Archaeology of the Anthropocene" at the Chicago Theoretical Archaeology Group this last spring. The second "The Ever-New Then: On the Materialization of Historic Sound Forms," is for consideration in a publication of the Monographs of the Finnish Archaeological Society, which is a collection of papers from last year's Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group in Oulu, Finland. I presented a paper in Riitta Rainio's session "Archaeology of the Auditory Past." Once they're published, I will include the publication details in this blog...