Thursday, July 4, 2013


I find that I have to keep a note pad close to my bed, because that's when thoughts seem to come, when I'm just drifting off to sleep. The waves of thoughts over the past three years, from the books I've read and the conversations with the people I've met and studied with, all of these thoughts and words circulating around and crashing over each other. It's a real gift, a real privilege to be engaged in thinking about and discussing these things, and it's something I would like to continue. I'm revisiting some pictures from Turku and Helsinki because I need to feel cool. It's way too hot right now in NYC and I'm trying to work outside on a project. It is almost impossible. 

Dr. Riitta Rainio. University of Helsinki.
In this picture, Dr. Rainio was showing me a certain part of a reindeer antler that she was studying for its ancient musical use. 

Housing in Turku near Abo Akademi.  This was just in late April.

Shadow against the stone wall of Turku Cathedral.

Dr. Rainio at the Helsinki train station cafe, reading the paper I presented at the conference "Music, Memory and Space," at Abo Akademi, Turku, Finland, in April. Dr. Rainio presented also, but unfortunately our sessions did not coincide. Dr. Rainio organized a very interesting session the year before in Oulu, Finland at the Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group: "Archaeology of the Auditory Past." It was an incredible experience, some really interesting papers and there were some great performances too.