Monday, June 3, 2013

I will be defending my thesis, entitled, you guessed it "Sound as Artifact," on June 18, 2 p.m., on the campus of Michigan Technological University, in Houghton, Michigan. Come one come all.

Last night as I was driving back from Troy, this is what the sky looked like. It was caused by a very dense thunderhead (behind the trees) casting a long shadow on the water vapor in the sky, revealing the turquoise of the atmosphere behind. We had just experienced some very heavy thunderstorms, the front that just passed through the midwest.

My old cell phone has a terrible little camera, but this does give an idea of how incredible it was.

Last night I just finished reading Christopher Witmore's article, "Vision, Media, Noise and the Percolation of Time," (Journal of Material Culture, 2006). It was really inspiring, and frankly I wish I had found it 3 years ago, but I had the good fortune of participating in a session recently in Chicago with Dr. Witmore as discussant,  and he passed it along to me then.

Witmore succinctly states: "We hear the past." This is not a poetic line. We hear the past just as much as we see the past in its material remains.

I am probably a bit more skeptical about digital recording media ("sensory prostheses" as Witmore defines it) than most. Such is the lot of a luddite in a tech school.  I will survive!