Sunday, October 14, 2012

 Sometimes the physical act of writing helps thoughts come,,,,
To remember, "se souvenir de"
Linguistic roots are enlightening. In the first few pages of "Memory, History, Forgetting," Ricouer points out that the phrase  "to remember," in French is reflexive, that one literally says that one remembers something of oneself. This casts doubt on the entire concept of "collective memory" but then he proceeds, keeping this doubt in mind....

 Could the sounds of the past industrial operations be pulled from the bricks and mortar of this lace factory (in Kingston, NY)? Is it possible to read these materials like sound recordings? Probably not, though people have tried. But the sound of the door rolling open is not just like the sound of the door rolling open in the past, it actually is that same sound. Therefore, materials really do have historic sounds embedded within them, generally reliant upon external intervention. This is not just a poetic fantasy.

 One's material existence is also sonic.

Working out the geometry...

Actually, I'm writing a lot right now, living in the mountains, working on my thesis, going on hikes, then back to the books. Tomorrow I'm driving into the city to pick up my canoe.