Saturday, September 22, 2012

House of Maryanne Amacher. Kingston, NY.

Last night I went to a discussion at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries in Beacon, New York. B.I.R.E. is located on the Denning Peninsula on the Hudson, and it looks like a great organization doing really interesting things. I attended because the title of the discussion was provocative: "The End of Technology." I was hoping to see some fur fly, some real debate, but nothing of the sort. 

As with all talks and presentations these days, the first few minutes are devoted to watching the presenters dealing with some device; a microphone or a powerpoint glitch or a loose usb cable which almost always devolves into "does anyone know how to work this thing?" In this case it was a microphone which would periodically blast the speakers with a loud puff.  Ouch. 

Drill shop at Quincy Mine, Hancock, MI

I know these pictures seem like non-sequiturs, but these structures are connected in an interesting way.  In many ways I was introduced to the "magic" of sound and listening by Maryanne Amacher while I was working on her house in 2009. It has been an interesting path, and I am now trying to piece together a plausible historic sound environment for the Blacksmith shop or "Drill shop" at the Quincy Mine site during the early nineteen hundreds. I'm reading technical journals of blacksmith shop operations like they were musical scores....